Social Media: The New Horizon or Just a Fad?

Since it has became clear in my previous blogs that film is a dying influence in the realm of fashion, for this News Catch I decided to broaden my research and begin to contrast film with a look at a newer and more up to date medium: social media.

  • In May of 2013, a study was created by Netbase and Edison Research Group to determine whether or not social media platforms influenced women’s buying decisions in regards to fashion. After surveying 1,005 adult women, the results were that although platforms like Facebook (which ranked highest of the formal social media platforms) and Twitter do influence buying decisions, what fashion-forward women really look to before making fashion related purchasing decisions are fashion blogs, forums, and message boards. Here is a helpful infographic of the findings produced by Edison:
  • According to an article in Social Media Week, initially large scale designers were hesistant to enter the social marketing world because they believed that fashion was an experience that was too personal to document and promote on a platform as faceless and anonymous as social media can be. A few brands that initially broke the social media barriers and proved it to be a financially profitable medium were TopShop and American Apparel.
  • According to Jenn Beswick in an article written for Social Media Delivered, the influence social media has on contemporary fashion is so acute because social media has erased the need for a middleman: the traditional journalist figure. Now teenagers (a favored target market) can speak, or type, directly to the designers and fashion editors working at huge, established fashion houses like Burberry or more trendy clothing like Forever 21.

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