Costume Design as an Art Form

    • According to the Examiner, the craft of costume design is rapidly expanding. This is due in part to the commercial era, in which articles of clothing seen on your favorite television character can be bought after referencing the network’s website or through clothing lines exclusively tailored to mimic the TV show’s specific style. This added exposure has caused the role of costume designer to go from a minor backstage character to a main attraction, with exceptional designers like Janie Bryant (of Mad Men fame) launching lines of their own. 
    • According to an article in TV Ate My Wardrobe, TV is a more influential proponent on our wardrobes than film because TV often deals with more realistic settings and characters than films do. Also, it can be said that since TV shows air every week, the viewer can see each individual character go through style progression much more akin to the viewers daily lives and fashion choices, as compared to a film, in which there isn’t time or longevity for this kind of evolution.
    • Marisa Meltzer of the New York Times  explains that public relations and consulting firms, Matchbook Company for example, are taking a newfound interest in representing costume designers for television. The firms’ interest can be attributed to the notion that the designers should be seen as people who are very important to the creative process and the overall production of each show they are involved with and deserve the proper recognition and acclaim.

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