Non-Profit Coordination

The non-profit organization I chose is called Fashion Fights Poverty, an organization created in 2005 that promotes responsible consumerism and rewards designers and companies for using ethical design practices (use of eco-friendly materials, equitable compensation, etc.) in order to further the eradication of poverty. Fashion Fights Poverty’s biggest source of income is fundraising through special events, which brought in $23,089.42 in 2009. Fashion Fights Poverty’s largest expenses are professional fees and payments to independent contractors, which totaled $33,833.42 in 2009. This organization’s leaders do not earn a salary. The board of directors, which includes a treasurer, a Chief Creative Officer, a Vice President of Research & Programs and many more can be viewed here: FFP is located in Arlington, Virginia. This non-profit would be able to supply information about the availability of ethically produced clothing within the TV and film costuming industries. The organization publishes a “LookBook” comprised of ecologically conscious designers and their fashions, including where to purchase them.  FFP might represent a bias toward movies or TV shows that exhibit corporate social responsibility concerning where the garments seen on its show or film originate and if they are created and sold in an ethical manner. FFP is also big on promoting less popular designers who are passionate about eco-friendly practices, so the organization could possibly produce some future costume designers. With the support of all of these elements, I think that Fashion Fights Poverty is a great resource to use in order to find alternative ecologically conscious designers, as well as to see which ones are furthering the fight against poverty.


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