For-Profit Fashion Sectors: iFabbo

iFabbo is a service provider in the marketing and advertising industry created in 2010 by Sinead Norenius and Tonia Korakis. The company’s mission is to educate consumers and bloggers that use their promotion platform about the newest technologies and products within the fashion and beauty markets. Also, iFabbo is interested in providing bloggers with incentives and credibility that will further their respective careers in publishing.

The company is privately held, so it does not disclose its financial information. However, their LinkedIn page shows that the company is located in San Francisco, California, has between 11 and 50 employees and has a customer base of around 2,500 blogging platforms.

iFabbo generates revenue by obtaining members: both beauty brands wanting promotion and fashion bloggers looking to learn about and blog about the newest innovations and products that their viewers would be interested in. The members pay a fee to use the promotional and product placement services. For the bloggers, this service gives them a credible reputation and allows them to showcase the newest products that are partnered with iFabbo. Beauty and fashion product providers join to broaden their awareness base, to boost company sales. Companies executing similar work include Cocktail and Polhem.

iFabbo cannot be deemed an impartial source of information because the products that they promote have paid for that service. iFabbo would not supply information about products that have not paid to be promoted. The bloggers using iFabbo’s placement services can be deemed more credible because they go through a selection process and are seen as credible by the company to represent their products, The blogs even are rewarded an iFabbo Endorsement Seal.

iFabbo provides information about my topic by holding events, specifically a Social Media Conference, that are designed to explore and provide information about the relationship between fashion and social media as well as the promotional opportunities at hand.

iFabbo’s staff is divided into founders, executives and advisors. Their names, positions and short biographies can be found here: iFabbo contact information can be viewed in entirety here:


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